Wim Scholtmeijer becomes Professional Korfballer  
Wim Scholtmeijer(荷蘭國家代表隊隊員)成為第一位職業合球員

Wim Scholtmeijer, one of the biggest names in world korfball, has become the first full-time korfball player ever.
Wim Scholtmeijer 這位球員的名聲在世界合球界當中是很響亮的,

The Dutch National Olympic Committee NOC/NSF has taken the decision to award the star of the Dutch national team a professional contract allowing him to concentrate full time on korfball.
This is a result of the A-Status of korfball in the Netherlands, gained due to continual improvement of the KNKV and the korfball game.

Scholtmeijer won gold medals at the World Championships 2003, World Youth Championships 2004 and the World Games 2005.
Wim Scholtmeijer 曾獲得2005年世界運動會、2004年世界青年錦標賽及2003年世界錦標賽冠軍。

On a club level, he moved from Fortuna Delft to PKC/Café Bar Papendrecht, the reigning Dutch champions, keeping him in line for another Europa Cup title.

Photo: Wim Scholtmeijer playing for the Dutch national team in the World Games 2005 korfball tournament.
(右圖為Wim 參加2005年世界運動會決賽照片)